All about artego.


For over 17 years Artègo has been a trusted partner of thousands of hairdressers around the globe. Artègo was born from a diverse group of professionals working in the cosmetic industry… A designer, an engineer, a chemist, a financial controller, a marketing expert and a distributor. These individuals formed the perfect ingredients to produce a revolutionary haircare company.

Artègo formulates, develops and produces all their products in-house. We know how to inspire the best hairstylists in the business by offering them innovative products and instruments, colors that attract the light and forms that define the moment.

“The hairdresser is at the center of our world: we work for them and with them. We accompany them on the path of beauty: with ideas and suggestions that will allow their client to be fascinating and attractive.”

Artègo now comes to Australia with the partnership of Hair Nature Group – A brand with over 40 years successful history in the Australian market.


I love all their products, they really do miracles. But most importantly, without damaging the hair!

Mileydis Labrada Rodriguez

Always one step ahead.... Love the Products.

Matteo Bellugi

Wow ! Falling in love with Artègo's new super Blonde because they're Supernatural Blonds ... Such lift and good dye load to subdue residual underlying pigments when lifting .... They're so clear that they actually sparkle

Michael Remillard