Easy Care T Range

Easy Care T
Our therapeutic range of treatments care for your damaged hair and also your well-being. We care about the final result but also how you feel during the process – which is why our treatments contain medicinal herbs, extracts and essential oils to make your individual hair therapy the perfect ritual.
Dream Easy Care T

Dream K Lotion

Dream K-Lotion

Sealant, protective and hydro-balancing lotion.

The ingredients act to hold water and nutrients into the hair, restoring shine and comb ability. In addition, special UV filters protect hair from environmental damage.

Dream Mask

Dream Mask

An intensive mask containing a combination of ingredients including oils and silk sericin, which repair the surface structure of the hair and smooth it. The latest generation of silicones care for damaged hair.

Pre Shampoo Dream

Dream Pre-Shampoo

Cleans the hair of residue left from previous treatments.

The alkaline pH value allows the cuticle layer to open so that hair is perfectly prepared for treatment.

Post Shampoo Dream

Dream Shampoo-Post

Contains the soothing effect of wasabi extract and herbal melanin to protect dyed and bleached hair. With the constructive & nurturing effect of keratin.

Dream K Fluid

Dream K-Fluid

A combination of active ingredients including keratin, oils, silk proteins, and glycerin nourishes the hair and restructures it to the core. The keratin makes hair more supple & shiny while preserving colour.

Anti Hair Loss Treatment
Rescue Shampoo

Rescue Shampoo

Strengthening the hair with an innovative active ingredient Vitaplex™.
The natural organic complex contains an extract of red and brown seaweed as well as sea-glycogens: a mixture ideal for cell regeneration, strengthening of the hair, and for resilience.

Rescue Lotion

Rescue Lotion

The lotion works in the location where hair is thin or thinning.
The formula contains Tricogen™ complex, which stimulates hair growth while simultaneously covering hair with a protective layer.

Composed of ginseng, ginkgo, amino acids, soy extracts, and vitamins and works to promote effective hair growth.

Clarity Shampoo

Clarity Shampoo

An effective, but gentle way to combat dandruff.

Active ingredients include scientifically tested hexamidine diisethionate, which has been proven as the most effective ingredient for fighting dandruff.

Clarity Fluid

Clarity Fluid

It has a balancing effect while also serving as the perfect foundation for the use of shampoo and mask. Works directly on hair and scalp while also perfectly cleansing the scalp.

Clarity Mask

Clarity Mask

Contains tea tree, white thyme, and rosemary. It brings the scalp back to a state of balance. Itchiness and redness are relieved as the scalp is returned to its natural balance. It works immediately upon use.


Balance Shampoo

Enriched with oregano and essential sunflower oil. The innovative herbal mixture dissolves excess sebum, purifying hair and scalp thoroughly. The amount of sebum secreted is reduced the channels of the sebaceous glands are reduced.


Balance Mask

A scientific formula made of natural ingredients: tea tree oil, white thyme oil, sweet orange oil, rosemary oil, menthol, and camphor. Sebum production is effectively reduced and the scalp is also intensely soothed.