Metallic Color Palette

Infinite Shades, Bright Tones, Pastel Colours.

Everlasting Shine On The Hair.

METALLIC COLOR BEAUTY. Our unique project dedicated to metallic colours, designed to meet the needs of fashion focused and well-informed clients, who are mindful of the quality of products and to the sensitivity on the hair.

Unique shades, ultra-customised hues; cold, metallic, shiny tones: style accents that turn the colour service into a masterpiece. We introduce you to Metallic Color.

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Create colours: Cute Coral, Rose Poudre, Amber Rose, Rose Vintage, Hot Pink, Cherry Coke, Red Purple, Purple, Silver Pearl, Ocean, Morning Fog, Graphite and Violet.


1 x Metallic Color Beauty Box
16x It’s Color Tubes 150g Various Tubes
1x Colour Swatch Palette and Formula
1x Double Sided Large Poster
1x Metallic Color Book
2x Metallic Color T-Shirt
1x Artégo Apron
1x Bowl + Brush
1x Artégo Cape

Professional Care

A colour service that preserves the natural hair beauty , dedicated to it’s care and attention; only then color will be visibly shiny and long lasting. The skills and the professionalism of the hairdresser will naturally be rewarded by customers loyalty and trust.

METALLIC COLOR BEAUTY has been designed respecting the higher quality standards, and the active synergy among the products formulations ensures excellent long lasting results, immediate beauty, healthy hair.

Amazing Performance

• 13 base SHADES, mixable among them to get potentially countless metallic-pastel hues

• CONTROLLED pH TONALIZATION for long lasting colour and delicacy for the hair


• POLISHING WAXES mix for extra-shiny results

• ENDLESS APPLICATIONS: on totally bleached hair, balayage, or grey hair

• PEARL EFFECT service to counteract unwanted reflexes or enhance cold reflexes

• NEUTRAL GLOSS to adjust the reflex intensity and the level