New Hair System – Diamond Filler

Diamond Filler and Elixir

Diamond Filler & Elixir is an anti-age system that strengthens, gives substance, counteracts frizziness and breathes new life into the hair.  Known for its unique Filler action.

In the Beauty Industry, filler products were originally created as a cosmetic treatment for the skin – but now, Artègo research labs developed and refined a unique filler, dedicated to the hair.

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Hair Filler


• Diamond effect brilliance
• Substance and volume
• Softness and movement
• Easy to style
• Anti – Ageing action for the hair
This product is the first and only treatment that implements the synergy of Caviar and Hyaluronic acid.

NHS Diamond is a system for all hair types, natural or treated.  

Top 5 Best For...

Very Damaged Hair

Hair Weakened by Sun/Chlorine

Thin & Fragile Hair

Frequently Ironed Hair

Frizzy and Dry Hair

Diamond Elixir

Solution based on osmotic water, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and pomegranate glyceric extracts, to be specifically mixed with New Hair System Diamond Filler.

The purity of water (granted by reverse osmosis), combined with precious restructuring, protecting and conditioning ingredients, enhances the benefits of the treatment on the hair, making it even stronger.

Diamond Filler

Restructuring and invigorating lotion for hair care, based on Diamond Complex. This is a concentrated oil-rich texture and mix based on caviar, vitamin E and vitamin PP. Hair will react to the treatment from the first application for a result of sublime beauty. The size is 20ml (4 applications).

Hair Botox Artego

Application with Steamer


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