NHS – Ultimate Keratin Treatment

NHS Pre-Shampoo

PH 9, it guarantees the maximum cleanliness to the hair, releasing a mix of hydrating and protective substances in depth and in a controlled manner. Its alkaline pH favors the cuticles opening preparing the hair to the treatment action.

NHS Thermo Shield

Straightening process accelerator, regenerating action on the hair fibers that have been damaged by the heat.

It has an antistatic action, it gives shine increasing the straight effect on the hair. Sealing action on split ends.

NHS Ultimate Treatment Plus

Perfect for those customers who want to modify the natural movement of their hair.

Restructuring treatment specifically designed to straighten and discipline hair, reducing frizz for a long time.

NHS Masque

Intensive nourishing treatment that restores elasticity, hydration and shine to the hair; it has maximum untangling features.

Its formulation its rich in hydrating and protective substances that act in depth.


NHS Shampoo

Acid PH Shampoo that prolongs New Hair System treatment over  time, making the hair stronger, elastic and resistant, making brushing easier.

The shampoo acts gradually but in depth, replacing a mix of protecting and hydrating substances into the hair.


NHS Conditioner

It seals the hair once the service is over. It prolongs the duration of the straightening treatment and it donates great untangling features, definition, maximum shine and softness.

Its special formulation acts in depth, nourishing and hydrating the hair.


NHS Gentle Shampoo

Acid PH Shampoo. Specific for thin hair, perfect for who wants to keep natural waves on their hair.

It prolongs the duration of the treatments over time, making the hair stronger, elastic and resistant.