Good Society – 51 Specials

Good Society – 51 Specials


51 Refreshing Sport

Vegetable Coal, purifying and absorbing substance, makes this Shampoo ideal both for the hair and the skin: after training, after a long day of work… or just anytime YOU need it. Susfactants are sweetened by Magnesium, Guar Flour and Glycerol, making it delicate and efficient at the same time. Juniper, Sandalwood and Mango, exotic and traditional aromas, will give you the feeling to walk into an old barber shop, where you just smell clean and essential fragrances.

SLE/SLES AND Paraben Free.

51 Shiny Grey

White and grey hair tend to assume that nasty yellowish colour. Shiny Grey Shampoo has an anti-yellow effect, restoring natural light into the hair and making silver tones shine again. Sunflower Oil and Glycerol hydrate the hair, making it shiny, light and silky. Shiny Grey Shampoo has a gratifying mixed berry fragrance, that turns the shampoo experience into an inebriating moment.


51 EQ Factor Spray

An “All-rounder” for your hair’s health. EQ Factor Spray is a one of a kind product:

• it untangles the hair and protects the colour from oxidation;

• it gives volume and balances the hair porosity;

• it seals the cuticles protecting from UV rays heat and atmospheric agents;

• it buffers the effect of chemical substances;

• it helps the stylists because it keeps the locks defined during cuts;

• it helps preventing split ends and makes sensitized hair manageable and disciplined.

EQ Factor is also a wonderful hair parfum: an enchanting Datura and Orchid fragrance that inebriates our feelings and envelops our senses.

51 Argan Oil Hair Serum

Argan Oil Hair Serum makes the hair silky and combable, it gives body and volume and shields from the atmospheric agents. It protects from the heat (hair drier and flat iron) and has a straightening anti frizz effect. We formulated this product thanks to a controlled ingredient, Argan Oil, originating from southern Moroccan cooeratives that work safeguarding the Argania Forest, designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, that’s why our Argan Oil is certified EcoCert. The exotic scent of Tonka Bean and Blue Orchid will carry your senses to magical faraway places.

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