GOOD SOCIETY – 95 Gentle Volume

GOOD SOCIETY – 95 Gentle Volume

Is Your hair is fine and delicate, weak or thinned out? Gentle Volume will take care of it, granting strength, volume and manageability.

Guar Flour, originating from the grinding of the plant of the same name, creates a film that thickens, strengthens and lightens the hair; Oligomineral elements like copper, magnesium and zinc, originating from yeast fermentation, protect and support the hair structure.

Panthenol preserves hydration inside the hair. The fragrances of Vanilla and Clementine, fresh and citrusy, improves your mood, awakening your senses.


Perfect to give volume and thickness to the hair, leaving it shiny and soft. Ideal for weak and fine hair. Not only volumising agents, but also a bioactive component (a mix of man y ingredients such as amino-acids and vitamins) that helps strengthening the hair from root to length.

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