New Hair System Range

New Hair System Range

Rebuild and regenerate

Regenerated and disciplined hair, for a long time.

New Hair System Pre Shampoo

Pre-treatment shampoo pH 9


  • PH 9
  • Hydrating and protective elements mix
  • It favors the cuticles opening

New Hair System Shampoo

Post treatment shampoo. Acidic PH.


  • Acidic PH
  • It prolongs the effect of the New Hair System treatment over time
  • It makes the hair stronger and more elastic, making the brushing easier
  • Hydrating and protective

New Hair System Gentle Shampoo

Acid PH shampoo, formulated with gentle surfactants


  • Treatments last longer
  • It strenghtens the hair

It gives elasticity and strength

New Hair System Conditioner

Post shampoo conditioner 


  • It prolongs the duration of the treatment
  • Hair is immediately untangled, soft and extremely shiny
  • It nourished and hydrates the hair
  • It re-balances the hair acidity

New Hair System Diamond Elixir

Solution formulated to be specifically mixed with Diamond Filler

Size 500 ml


  • The purity of water is granted by reverse osmosis
  • Precious restructuring, protecting and condition ingingredients
  • It enhances the benefits of the treatment on the hair
  • Extraordinary scent, created by Ambergris, White Musk and Sandalwood

New Hair System Masque

Intensive nourishing treatment


  • It nourishes the hair
  • It restores hydration, elasticity, shine and granting maximum untangling features
  • It protects deeply

New Hair System Thermo Shield

Straightening process accelerator.


  • It makes the straightening process easier
  • It regenerates the capillary fibers damaged from the heat
  • It seals split ends
  • It has an anti-static action
  • It gives shine
  • It seals the hair protecting the color
  • It shields from UV rays

New Hair System Ultimate Treatment Plus

Restructuring treatment


  • It straightens and disciplines the hair
  • It reduces frizz for a long time
  • It gives the hair elasticity, softess and shine
  • It modifies the natural movement of the hair
  • It does not contain formaldehyde, glutardehyde or parabens



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