November Top 5’s

Top 5 November Artego

1. My Color Reflex  – Direct Vibrant Colour

NO Ammonia
NO Developers

• Direct color, shiny hair
• Pigments are pre-oxidated, giving intense and durable reflexes
• No alkaliners nor oxidants to highly respect the hair structure
•  Natural waxes,  and glycerin give protection, softness & shine, so that the product does not stain the scalp
• Mixable with our permanent colours  (It’s Color)
• Fades on Tone
Size 200ml

2. Color Shine Mask

Creamy tonalizing coloured mask, enriched with hemp oil and silk proteins. It refreshes and tone both natural and coloured hair. It disguises the first grey hair. Perfect for Home Care. Contains Direct Pigments ready for use.

3. Rain Dance Divine Mousse

For Volume and Moulding.
Create volume from the roots with maximum elasticity, while the hair remains soft. Allows anti-frizz and definition and shine.
ZERO Sulphates (SLS-SLES FREE), Parabens, Formaldheyde, Mineral Oils*or Petrolatum (vaseline)

4. X-Light Bleach

Fast acting Bleach Powder that lifts the hair – great for resistant and natural hair.

5. Multiphlex

The easy-to-use Artègo treatment based on organic substances that protects and restores the health of your hair during technical services.

Multiphlex Additive
Compatible with all chemical treatments, It strengthens and seals the damaged keratin bonds, visibly improves hair quality and structure. It does not contain silicones, sulfates, aldehydes or other aggressive substances.

Multiphlex Perfector
Creamy and conditioning concentrate of organic substances, specifically studied to close the Multiphlex treatment, It welds the keratin bonds and it gives shine and brilliance.