Rain Dance

Our formulative driver, based in Phyto-Technology, led us into creating a new specific treatment to shield and strengthen the hair, restoring what chlorine and salt may have taken away to the stalk and the fiber.

The line has been formulated for summer and for every outdoors moment: thermal baths, sea side, swimming pool; a line that beyond shielding from UV rays, salt, chlorine and limestone, protects the hair color, hydrating it and regenerating the hair.

Summer Beauty Shampoo & Bath

Summer Beauty Shampoo & Bath

Restoring shampoo. It purifies the hair and body in depth, cleaning from salt, chlorine and limestone residues. Gentle formulation, no SLS/SLES, no Parabens. It shields from UV rays thanks to its sun filter.

Summer Beauty Thermal Protective Oil

Summer Beauty Thermal Protective Oil

Invigorating thermal protective spray-on oil. It nourishes the hair while shielding from UV rays. Antioxidant action. It protects from the damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine and limestone. No Parabens.

Summer Beauty Conditioner

Summer Beauty Conditioner

Regenerating cream conditioner. It untangles quickly, restoring softness, shine and vigor to the hair. It shields from UV rays thanks to its sun filter. No Parabens.


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